Any geographic information services or geoservices provided by the viewer of this IDE-IHM GeoPortal, as well as any data displayed on screen by the same viewer, will be considered reusable documents according to Spanish Law 37/2007, dated November 16th, on Reuse of Public Sector Information, and Royal Decree 1495/2011, dated October 24th, which implements it. Specifically, these reusable documents are subject to the stipulations in paragraph b) section 2 article 4 of Spanish Law 37/2007, dated November 16th, which covers the reuse mode subject to specific conditions established in standard licenses available in digital format which can be processed electronically.

For the purposes set forth herein, and in accordance with the legislation in force, the following terms are defined: definitions.

As per the above, only one modality is established for the reuse of documents in this GeoPortal:

Reuse under license for non-commercial use.

This type of license is made publicly available for non-commercial reuse. Commercial use of any information contained in this GeoPortal or any of its services is not authorized.

In accordance with Article 7 of R.D. 1495/2011, the following general conditions are established for making reusable documents available:

a) Do not distort the meaning of the information.

b) Cite the source of the documents to be reused.

c) State the date of the last update of the documents subject to reuse, as long as it was included in the original document.

d) Do not state, imply or suggest that any Spanish government organizations, agencies or entities carrying the copyright for the reused information participated, sponsored or supported the reuse of the aforementioned information.

e) Keep without alteration or deletion all metadata on the date of update and the applicable reuse conditions included, if applicable, in the document made available for reuse by the Government or public organization.

Electronic licensing process